Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ava the bathing beauty

Today Ava and Emma made their swimming debut in our pool. O.k. so they didn't really get into the pool, but we did dip their feet in and they seemed to really like it. Sorry for the poor quality picture, but she kept moving everytime I tried to take a picture. She still looks cute though!

On a totally other note I need to vent, why is it that no one can pronounce or spell Ava's name right? I mean it sounds just like it's spelled and it's spelled just like it sounds, so what's the problem??? Everyone wants to spell it with an E or they pronounce it Eva or Ehva. Even her doctor's office wrote Eva on her immunization record. HELLO!?!? Did they not read the millions of pieces of paper that they made me fill out???? I WROTE AVA!! In all fairness we do tend to call her Sassy more then Ava, so I have to let Jack get away with the occasional "Eva", but he is only three years old. NO EXCUSES FOR ANYONE ELSE!! Ahhhhhhhhhh, I feel better, thanks for listening (reading) . I promise my next post won't be so psychotic.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ode to the stomach flu

Once again we have been struck with the stomach flu! It was a horrible bug that even got Whitney and Chase this time. I'm glad to report that we are all feeling better now and we can get back to enjoying our summer. The boys are feeling good and are running all over the house again. I'm so glad that I am breastfeeding Ava so I know she can't catch it. Just another wonderful advantage of mother's milk!! I don't have any pictures to post with this post (be thankful) So I promise to find something exciting to do this week and hopefully have alot of pictures to share.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

When toilet seats attack. And cubscout camp!

I am always amazed at the predicaments (spelling?) that boys seem to get themselves in. I always try to be prepared for any situation, but I never came up with a plan of action of how I would remove a toilet seat from my three year olds neck. Now it wasn't a panic situation. I mean you can tell from the pictures that there was plenty of room for Jack to grow into the toilet seat. I'm figuring we could've just left it on for the next 5 years and he would've been fine. But the next thought that came to my mind was the fact that I was due to pick up Ethan from CubScout camp in about 30 minutes and I would be a little embarassed to walk into the Stake center with a walking toilet seat. I tried pulling the seat off his head, but it kept getting stuck on his ears. I asked him how he got the seat on his head, but he couldn't remember. So I did the only thing I could think of, I called my mom. She assessed the situation over the phone and determined it was not an emergency, so she sent my dad. My dad tried pulling ( I guess he didn't trust my pulling abilities) Then he asked if I had a hack saw.

me : "A HACK SAW!!, ON JACK'S NECK!!!"

dad: hmmmmmmmmmmm, How about baby shampoo.

Ah hah!! Baby shampoo is safe, it wouldn't even burn his eyes. So we lathered up Jack's head (picture #2) and off slipped the toilet seat. I was so relieved, but Jack was pissed. Apparently he liked the toilet seat on his head, I mean he put it there right? My dad consolled him with an otter pop that my mom brought over and all was calm once again. I was able to pick Ethan up from cub scout camp and no one would have ever known what had happened except Jack's head was still soaking wet from his mid-afternoon shampoo.

On to other news...Ethan went to cubscout day camp!!!!! And he actually had a great time! It certainly was a growing experience for both of us. I felt horrible leaving him there. He didn't know anyone and it was his first time doing anything with cubscouts. When I left him his lip was trembling and so was mine. I called to check on him an hour after I left and they said he was doing fine. When I picked him up the first thing he asked was "Can I come back next Saturday?" Needless to say, he had a blast! He learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, light a fire with a magnifying glass, tie knots,make a catapult, and went on a treasure hunt. He did all that in three hours. Plus managed to eat 4 pieces of pizza and ice cream. He even performed in a skit. I am so glad I made him go, but it was one of the hardest things I ever had to do.

I confirmed today that being a mother is exhausting!!!

On a side note, I just wanted to thank Owen and Ava for not adding to my stress today, but then again, the day isn't over yet!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What Devin does during Nursery

Devin gets bored sitting with Jack in nursery on Sundays. Sometimes Jack does stay by himself, but not very often!! So Devin kills time by taking pictures with his cool phone, drawing on them and then e-mailing them to me. I though i'd share this one since it's pretty creative. I thought he put alot of time into it. I mean Jack has a halo, a goatee, glasses and snot, now that took real artistic talent to pull this one off!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

A boy and his Rabbit

Jack has a toy rabbit (o.k. it's really Ethan's) that he loves very much. He likes me to put Ava's diapers on it and he likes to carry it around in Ava's carseat. Everything was going fine with this new game until this morning. Jack couldn't understand why his bunny couldn't ride in the carseat instead of Ava. Trying to explain carseat laws was pointless, so instead I took him to Toys R Us an bought him a carseat for his bunny. I didn't think anything was wrong with that until Devin got home. He thinks that for some reason a carseat is a "girls toy". Now mind you he told me this as he was carrying a pink carseat. So I am including a picture of Jack and his bunny in the carseat and a new poll. You tell me, Is a carseat a "girls toy"? And keep in mind, this car seat is not pink or even purple. It is a very manly jungle print.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More pictures of the field trip

My friend just e-mailed me these pictures of Devin and Ethan from the field trip yesterday. I thought they were cute so I wanted to share!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Big Day for Daddy!!

Today was a pretty busy day for Devin. He started out the morning with a field trip to the Long Beach harbor with Ethan's second grade class. I was so glad that he got to go since I couldn't go this year. (Nursing mothers not welcome!!) They got to go on a boat and go around the Harbour looking at Sea Lions and other boats. Devin said it was really fun and he was glad he got to do it. His next adventure was getting Ava's ears pierced. I am apparently at wuss when it comes to ear piercing for some reason. I felt like I was going to pass out the whole time, so Devin got to have th honor of holding Ava while the woman pierced her ears. Ava looks so cute with diamonds in her ears. She is a lucky girl being born in April and getting diamonds as her birthstone. I am a lucky girl for having such a good husband! ( Like how I tied that all together?) The pictures are out of order, I know, but don't you love how the sign says "Dad" above Devin's head?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Ava is 2 months

Today is Ava's 2 month birthday. I took her to the doctor for her check up and she weighs 12lbs. 7 ounces and is 22 1/2 inches long. She is growing so fast. The poor thing got one shot and one immunization by mouth. She did really good with the shot so far, hopefully she'll be able to sleep tonight. She is such a good baby and I feel so blessed to have her.