Monday, April 14, 2008

Ethan finally lost his tooth

Ethan finally lost his tooth. It has been hanging on by a thread for weeks now. He and Owen were eating lunch and Owen asked what all the red stuff was on Ethan's mouth. Ethan then realized that his tooth was gone and ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror. Well for all of you who know Ethan well, you know that he can't stand the sight of blood. So he started to pass out. (That's why he is laying down in the picture with a wet washcloth on his head) He started to run down the hall towards his bed, but took the time to yell "Call Papa Casey" He knows that Papa Casey gives 10, yes 10 dollars for a lost tooth. So even though he was passing out he was still wanting his money!! I heard all this commotion and came out of my room. I wanted to see the tooth, but no one could find it. Devin was looking through Ethan's sandwich, when Owen calls out "I found the tooth, it was stuck to my foot!" HAha it was hillarious!!!! Ethan started feeling better and was up and going by the time Papa Casey got here with his money :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Introducing Ava

Ava Cathleen Downs

Ava was born on April 2nd (Devin's birthday) She was 7lbs. 21 inches. So needless to say she is long and skinny. Unfortunatley Ava also got her dad's blood type that is not compatible with mine. So she got a really bad case of jaundice. She had to stay under the billirubin lights for two days. I got to go home from the hospital on Friday, but Ava had to stay until Saturday. It wasn't as bad as Jack's was so that was a relief!!