Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ethan's birthday and Open House

O.k. so today is Ethan's 8th birthday. I thought Jack turning three was hard, but this is incredible. How does eight years go by so fast? Ethan reminded me that he is half way to 16 and then he will be a teenager and can drive. Am I ready to have a teenager? Is anybody ever ready to have a teenager? If the next 8 years go as fast as these last 8 years then I better get ready fast!! To celebrate Ethan being half way to sixteen we went to Scooter's Jungle this year. It was a small party, but it was a blast. We all woke up the next day with burns from the slide and sore muscles. I tried the trapeze for the first time and now know that there are muscles in my arms that I have never used before that night. I only did it twice, but the way my arms felt you would have thought I hung on that thing all night long. We also had open house this week for Ethan and Owen's school. Another reminder that summer is coming. So here are pictures of the boys with their teachers and one of Ethan, Owen and Ethan's best friends at his birthday party. Jack refused to be in the birthday party picture so don't feel sorry for him that he is not in it, that was his choice :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's almost Summer!!!!

I can't wait for summer. As much as I don't want this school year to end, I am excited to be able to stay home or go places and not have to worry about picking Ethan and Owen up from school. Or maybe even sleeping in ( I won't count on that though) The kids can't wait for summer either, As you can see in the pictures they have started the official "swim season". Ethan and Owen are such good swimmers. They learned alot from the lessons they took this year and are really good in the pool. Jack still just stands on the steps unless Devin gets in, then he lets Devin hold him. I think he'll be a fish by the end of the summer just like his brothers!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jack turned 3!!!!

I can't believe it, but Jack is three years old. Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday he was a brand new baby.We had a Spiderman birthday party for him. He was so excited to have a Spiderman jump house, that was all he talked about for weeks leading up to his party. Of course his party was on the hottest day of the year and my parents air conditioning was broken, but the kids didn't seem to notice. They all ran around with their Spiderman masks destroying my parents house and lemon tree.
This is a picture of Jack jumping in his jump house and just a pretty picture of Ava sleeping.