Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ava's new crib

Ava is starting to get a little to tall for her cradle. So Grammy and Papa Casey bought her a new crib.
The first nap in the crib she insisted on sleeping sideways. I guess she is used to sleeping in small spaces.

But I think she is starting to like it!


After the tramatic raft ride. See the bottom picture for the explanation.
This is us when we first got there. Devin is the person with no head in the background.

Neenee and Jack decided to go on the cute little spinning lady bugs. Since the teacups are his favorite ride I thought this one would be no big deal. My thinking changed when less then half way through the ride Jack turned a curious shade of green! Whitney yelled to the lady and she stopped the ride and let them off.

Jack then laid in the stroller for awhile until he felt better.

Ethan holding Emma on the SLOWEST ride in the park.

This is not a proud moment for me. I was trying to help Ethan get over his fear of rides and talked him into going on the wild raft ride. I didn't know that there were drops and dark tunnels! See the top picture for the after effects of this ride.
We got Disneyland passes for Christmas this year and have been going about once a week. It is a blast and the kids are getting much braver!! Sorry the pictures are out of order, this stupid blogger drives me nuts!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So i've been MIA, but I have great news!!! I got new camera, so you will get to see way more pictures of my kids then you ever wanted to see!! So let's start with Christmas, since my Christmas pictures are on my old camera you'll have to settle for the after Christmas chaos! I'm sorry the pictures are above the text, but this blog is not cooperating and it's making me crazy. But as you can see from the pictures the kids had a great Christmas. Santa came and brought everybody what they wanted. He even stayed up until 11:30 putting together Ethan's legos. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!