Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The dangers of church basketball

About 20 minutes after Devin left to go to basketball last night the phone rings. It's Devin calling to let me know that he thought he dislocated his finger. No big deal, he was on his way to my dad's house so my dad could pop it back into place. Well no such luck. Turns out that it was dislocated and broken!!! Devin and I ended up being in the emergency room until 1:30 am. He was in so much pain when the docotor grabbed it and popped it into place. I felt so bad for him. Now he is supposed to see a specialist. Hopefully the next time we get to go to the hospital in the middle of the night it'll be for me to have this baby!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Owen Lost a tooth!!!!!

I had been teasing Ethan all day on Saturday that I was going to pull his tooth. You see, Ethan's top tooth is hanging on by a thread, I mean it literally moves when he breathes. I had given up and was watching t.v. in my room when Ethan yells "Owen lost a tooth!" I thought they were kidding because I had just tried to wiggle Owen's teeth the day before and they all felt pretty solid. Owen walks into my room holding his tooth in one hand and his sucker in the other. I guess it got stuck to the sucker and he pulled and out it popped. It was so unexpected and exciting! Owen racked up on the tooth money. My dad gave him $10, my mom gave him $5 and the tooth fairy left him $5. I dread the day the molars start coming out. Maybe I should take out a small loan now!! Oh and Ethan's tooth is still hanging in there, literally :)

A Day at the aquarium and the Beach

We took the kids to The Long Beach Aquarium and then to the beach. It was alot of fun, but freezing cold. Apparently Devin, Ethan and Owen are really Polar Bears in disguise since they played in the ocean for an hour!! Jack and I sat on towels and built sandcastles. I love to hear Jack tell the story of the beach, "it was cold and scary." But just this morning he woke up and demanded that I take him to the beach. I guess he has a love/ hate relationship for it. While we were there I realized how blessed we are to live where we live. My feet were in the ocean and I turned around and could see the snowy mountain tops in the distance. How cool is that?