Saturday, March 17, 2012

This is for you Grandma!

Devin's parents gave us Disneyland passes for Christmas. And now we've been on the Ariel ride 5 million times because its Ava's favorite.
We discovered Roxy loves the dog beach.
The kids and I went to San Diego to misiion San Luis Rey for Owen's school project
Owen got braces!
Jack is having a hard time in first grade. We ended up homeschooling him for a couple weeks. He went back to school just in time for his first field trip.
We spent my birthday in San Diego at a cute hotel. It was a blast.
We took our annual trip to the Apple Orchard!
Santa brought Ava her American Girl doll named Kanani, she's hawaiin. She goes EVERYWHERE with us
I've neglected my blog for almost a year now. In my defense I did go a couple of months with no computer, but i'm back. This is really my Grandma's only way of keeping up with us in between visits. I don't know where to start so i'll just upload a bunch of pictures, probably out of order. Im still getting used to this laptop. Although it does make me feel like Carrie on Sex in the City. If only I could have her wardrobe too. sigh.