Saturday, April 9, 2011

Evening Walk

We needed to get out of the house. So Ava and Jack jumped in her princess mobile, Owen grabbed his skateboard and Devin and I drug Ethan and all his preteen attitude out the door. (That yellow on Jacks face is a bruise. He got hit in that same spot twice in 2 days. The first with his own fist the next with Ethan's bed.)
Jack jumped out half way there so Ava got a chance to drive in the real world. I got a glimpse of her at 16.

This picture cracks me up. He looks like he wants to kill me. awww we are full steam ahead towards teenage years. sigh
And then we reached our goal . Starbucks, where we all enjoyed our steaming hot cups of coffee........just kidding. We got hot chocolate and carmel apple cider. Ava went with chocolate milk. It was a nice walk and i actually got Ethan to smile.

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Whitney said...

love ALL the pics. But that one of you and Ethan is HILARIOUS!! he totally hates you!